Water Treatment

Service and sale of products and devices for water treatment


Wastewater, Disinfection and Odor Control

We provide and install equipment for water treatment and analysis and automated chlorination systems.

Automation, control and online monitoring for swimming pools and drinking water. Sewage testing and Tlaltenco performance analysis.

Disinfection products for animal consumption.

Swimming pools

Products for treatment, disinfection and degradation


Design for wastewater treatment, grease traps, septic tanks and odor control in pipes, and other applications.


Powerful germicide, deodorant, sporicide and disinfectant used in water for human consumption.


Slow dissolving disinfectant tablet with 84% Active Chlorine, for the purification of water for animal consumption.


Accelerator for the degradation of organic matter. Stimulates the activity of microorganisms.

Swimming pool water treatment products

CLORIZIDE 91 Disinfectant

Organic Chlorine stabilized with 90% available Chlorine; in granular and tablet forms.

SHOCK® Corrective

Highly soluble in granular disinfectant form; organic type with 56% chlorine.

SHOCK® Preventive

Preventive treatment, helps reduce the consumption or use of chlorinated products.

TRIZIDE® Disinfectant

Product with 4 different functions: Disinfectant, Algicide, Clarifier and PH Stabilizer.


Disinfects the water of interior swimming pools such as SPA’s with water at high temperature.

SHOCK® Bromado A & B

Specially designed to create a bank of Bromine in the pool water.

ALKA® Alcalinidad

Acts as an alkalinity modifier of pool water,. We have it in white powder form.

ALKALIN® increase pH

To increase the pH and total alkalinity levels of the pool water.

Proven experience

Some references of product usage

All the products we sell comply with standards and certifications for human, animal and farming use.

We sale a wide range of products for the treatment, disinfection and clarification of water, if you don’t see the product or device you are looking for on our webpage, please, contact us.

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